Save on Every Travel

Save On Every Travel

Save money on every travel you make. Follow our advice, take note of our tips & use our products to help you save money on everything you do. See our amazing discounts on travel, tourist attractions, airport lounges, claiming taxback and much much more. Every country, Every nationality, Every SAVING! CLICK PLAY TO LEARN MORE!

Discount & ID Card

For every tourist attraction you visit, every car you hire, trip you go on, hotel you book or shop you visit - SAVE MONEY. Buy your discount card to make sure you pay LESS! This is THE must have card, carry it everywhere!


American Summer Camp

Find out more about the Ultimate Summer Experience. Work at camp & travel America - this is the most rewarding and fun filled summer around!


Discounts on every Accommodation

For every accommodation you book, make sure you save MONEY with your Hostel Card. No booking fee and instant confirmation. Why PAY MORE, when you can PAY LESS?


Cheaper Flights

Find the best deal on EVERY flight you book. Search multiple airlines to get the cheapest prices & the best availability, for EVERY destination.


Claim Your Tax Back

If you've paid tax in the country you've worked - claim it back. Follow our guide and we'll help you to get YOUR money back. Every nationality, Every country, Every saving! Put the tax back in your pocket, or your piggy bank!


Winter & Summer in Canada

Experience the time of your life - work, travel and explore CANADA! Enjoy Winter Ski seasons and Summer Sun seasons. Applications are available ALL YEAR round.


Gap & Summer Year Programs

If you're thinking about exploring on a gap year, or spending the summer abroad - Find out more about the amazing programs you can enjoy. Travel & Work in China, Australia, New Zealand, America, Africa...and many more! Use our unique discounts to save MONEY on working abroad!


Live every day of your life

Everyone deserves to save money on their travels and get the best deals they can, on a gap year or a holiday. We offer unique advice, opportunities and money saving solutions for everything you do.  On Every page theres a product and a saving for you.

Available Worldwide, for EVERYONE, for every age & Nationality.

Discount Card

Save Money on Tourist Attractions, on Flights, on Trains, on Hotels, on EVERYTHING!

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USA Summer Camp

Spend your summer in USA at camp. This is...the ultimate summer experience! Visa, Flights, Insurance and Placement provided. This is a life changing and amazing summer... #bestsummerofyourlife

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Cheap Accommodation

Get your Cheap Accommodation card! This card will save you money on EVERY accommodation. No Booking fees & instant confirmation on bookings!

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Claim your Taxback

Claim the tax you've paid back! Put the money in YOUR pocket and not the taxman's!

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Australia. Work & Travel

Enjoy the most amazing gap year in Australia. Travel, see the sights, make friends as you go to the worlds favourite gap year destination. Work is available and jobs can be found as part of your experience.

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Work & Travel Canada

Work & Travel in Canada. Choose a Winter Ski season or a Summer Sun season. Find out more about your favourite Canada program.

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USA Summer Work

Work in a 5* Resort in the USA over the summer. USA Summer Work provides Flights, Visa, Insurance & Placement. One life. Once chance.

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Cheap Travel Insurance

Don't pay high prices on your travel insurance. Be careful for large "excess/deductable" fees on all claims. Follow this guide to CHEAPER Insurance for everyone!

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FREE Airport Wifi

Find FREE Wifi at EVERY airport. Don't pay roaming and data charges any longer! Get Wifi for free!

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Ekit Travel Phones

Save money on your Phone bills whilst travelling or working. Keep your cell/mobile bills low with a specialist SIM card. Save on Every Travel will help you save MONEY!

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Cheapest Hotels

Find the best deal on Hotels by searching over 100+ sites at once. Find the best deal worldwide so you have more money in your wallet..

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Pay less on Flights

Get the best flights deal available to you! Save on Every Flight. Search multiple airlines to find the best flight available!

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Volunteer in Africa

Work with the most amazing Lions project in Zambia. Help rehabilitate Lion cubs on the most amazing trip you could do. See every animal you could think of, and make a difference..

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TEFL - Teach English Abroad

Become TEFL qualified with this amazing program. An amazing start to your teaching career & looks incredible on your CV.

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New Zealand. Work & Travel

An amazing Gap Year opportunity in New Zealand. Get a job and work for up to a year in the most amazing country in the world.

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Try USA Summer Camp. The Ultimate Summer 

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